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"The Night Beast," directed by Don Dohler, 1982, 80 min.
(Screening from VHS tape)

A quintessentially camp, legendary hit of the fledgling video market of the early 1980s, and the most popular film in the oeuvre of B-movie legend Don Dohler. The bones of the plot are Sheriff Jack Cinder's struggle against an alien decimating the residents of a provincial town with a laser gun. "Night Beast" is a loving tribute to 1950s science fiction cinema, loaded with absurd scenes and disjointed special effects. However, what will stay in front of your eyes the longest after the screening is undoubtedly the sheriff's mustache and one of the most awkward erotic scenes in the history of cinema.

"The Last Breath," directed by Frank Harris, 1986, 90 min.
(Screening with live voiceover improvising dialogue)

Joe Fong is a failed private investigator who can barely make ends meet. At last, however, he gets a well-paid assignment - he is to find a young woman named Karen. In the course of the investigation, it turns out that she was the victim of a religious cult of Universal Enlightenment, led by the mad Yarakunda and his daughter/wife Karma. An arch-difficult task lies ahead for Fong! Will the strength of his fists be enough against a bunch of village occultists? Will he not run out of silly one-liners by the end of the film? Did the gang he's crated to help with the task (including a ninja warrior and Latino knife-wielders) even read the script?
Screening with live voiceover improvising dialogues. The voiceover will be performed by Mateusz Golębiowski.

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Fundusz Przeciwdziałania COVID-19

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