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Awakened from its winter slumber, VHS HELL returns with a new repertoire to B90 on March 30!


The program will include the twisted action film "Shadow of the Dragon," which will fly from a VHS tape, and the eminently foxy horror film "Satan's Pact," which will be presented with a live voiceover improvising dialogue tracks. The whole event will be traditionally complemented by a set of commercials and TV oddities from the 1990s scrounged from old videotapes.


Ticket sales begin on Thursday, March 9 at 10:00 am! 


"Shadow of the Dragon," directed by Jimmy Williams, 1992, 90 min. 
(Screening from VHS tape)


The mysterious Mekong Dragon and his gang terrorize Los Angeles. On his trail fall Tony and Brian - two senior police officers, war veterans. To their surprise, they discover that the fearsome Dragon may have some connection to their service in Vietnam. 
"Shadow of the Dragon" is a handicapped action cinema with a script written on a heavy hangover. The main characters resemble the titular "Neighbors" from a Czech fairy tale by their apparel, and the situation is not helped by the fact that the screenwriter throws more stumbling blocks under their feet in the form of cringe-worthy dialogues and incredibly stupid side plots. This film is poetry for lovers of low-budget, quirky B-grade cinema!


"Satanic Pact," directed by Mark Freed, 1991, 93 min. 
(Screening with live voiceover improvising dialogues)


Martin is a lifelong loser and talentless musician dreaming of a career. His fate changes when he meets a Voodoo priestess. Thanks to her intervention, he transforms overnight into a rock star with a teased hairdo, whose guitar solos soar faster than inflation in Poland. There is one catch in all this, however - in order to maintain his status Martin must regularly feed off the life force of others.
Shot by Mark Freed, "Satanic Pact" is a true love letter to early 90s doodle metal and a delectable culmination of the evening!

Screening with live voiceover improvising dialogue. The voiceover will be performed by Adam Konopka.




Partners: B90, Eurotrend Audiovisual Systems, Epson

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