VADER + Frontside + Dopelord

VADER + Frontside + Dopelord

VADER + Frontside + Dopelord

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VADER + Frontside + Dopelord

This year we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the undisputed death metal legend - the band Vader! The group - together with Massive Music - has prepared crazy concerts for you, which will take place in August and September. Let's follow the entire history of Vader together live, from the demonic sounds of "Decapitated Saints" to the insane fury of "Shock & Awe." The band will bring with them a whole bunch of surprises - as befits an anniversary.


There are not many Polish bands that, with their extremely hard work, persistence and countless concerts, have achieved such international success, and established their status as musical legends. And it must be remembered that their beginnings were not easy - the reality of Poland at the time was quite different from what we are used to today.
Vader was formed in 1983 in Olsztyn on the initiative of Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek and Zbigniew "Viki" Wroblewski. The turning point in the band's history was the recording of the demo "Morbid Reich". The material, released by Carnage Records, was considered "the best-selling cassette in the history of death metal." The next item in the band's discography was no less iconic album "The Ultimate Incantation." It was to the song "Dark Age", from this album, that the first video was made, often broadcast on MTV, among others.
Later years saw the release of more albums, including: "De Profundis," "Back to the Blind," "Litany," "Welcome to the Morbid Reich" and "Solitude in Madness."


Years ago they shouted that their destiny was to burn, but they never did. Frontside is still a fresh and vital band, and the passage of years gives them nobility instead of unnecessary wrinkles. The legendary Polish crew with a hardcore punk background has already toured all corners of the extremes - from deathcore to metalcore and even melodic death metal - and found themselves seamlessly in each. Because here there is no angular metal along the line of least resistance, just a constantly renewed (and usually successful) search for one's own style, which sometimes can be extremely unconventional, after all, we all remember "The matter is personal"!
Over the course of three decades - their round anniversary turned this year, coinciding with the 20th birthday of the Fryderyk Award-winning "And forgive us our trespasses..." - The band has been through many situations, including difficult ones, but 2023 is a year of success for them rather than hiding behind their guard. After Auman's departure, Mollie takes the helm behind the screen, and the group moves on with concerts and work on new material. It's worth keeping an eye on this and staying alert - mercy or grace is unlikely to be expected.


Dopelord powstał w 2010 roku i od tamtej pory nieprzerwanie nagrywa i koncertuje. Zespół ma na koncie cztery albumy długogrające, a ostatni to wydany w 2020 roku "Sign of the Devil". Stoner doom metal serwowany przez Dopelord, to kombinacja ciężkich riffów, miażdżącego brzmienia i chwytliwych refrenów. Fuzz rozkręcony na 11, zbiór jeńców jest pusty. W 2021 miała premierę, doskonale przyjęta, EPka "Reality Dagger”.

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