Soilwork + Kataklysm + Horizon Ignited

Soilwork + Kataklysm + Horizon Ignited

Soilwork + Kataklysm + Horizon Ignited

460 DAYS




19:00 - Horizon Ignited
20:00 - Kataklysm
21:45 - Soilwork

B90, ul. Elektryków, Gdańsk
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119/129/140 PLN

Soilwork + Kataklysm + Horizon Ignited


The bands will join forces for a spring European tour!
Kataklysm is currently promoting its 2020 album "Unconquered," while Soilwork is promoting this year's over an hour-long album "Övergivenheten." Horizon Ignited musicians will present themselves as the groups' support act.
Kataklysm, Soilwork and Horizon Ignited will be seen in Poland consecutively: April 13 in Gdansk, April 14 in Warsaw and April 15 in Krakow! Tickets for the concerts are still available for sale!

SOILWORK (Sweden) melodic death metal:

Soilwork is a perfect example of a band that can't stand still. Stagnation is a word absent from their vocabulary. From the very beginning, the Swedes played melodic death metal against conventions and focused on its upbeat rather than extreme aspect. At times they even reached stadium levels of hitmaking ("Nerve" - remember?), and they did everything with unheard of class, chic and without deviating from the basics of the style, which consisted of rushing riffs and pampered melodies. 

This year's "Övergivenheten" proves that nothing has changed in the band - they are constantly outdoing themselves and leaping over the highly suspended bar. Despite their seniority or merit, Soilwork does not make a name for themselves, they are constantly searching and this is how they show their greatness.


KATAKLYSM (Canada) melodic death metal:

Kataklysm rules first and foremost because of their iron consistency. They've released fourteen albums since 1995, and they haven't scored an extended career break. Even starting with meaty and raw death metal, they have moved into its melodic regions without losing the consistency of their style or escaping into obscurity. The Canadians know that a characterful riff, a punctuating melody and deep growling are important in this music. They know this, which is why they apply themselves to a five-plus.

The group's "Unconquered," released two years ago, says more than a thousand words - Kataklysm are among the rulers of the throne of melodic death metal, and it's unlikely that anyone will conquer that throne for them. 


HORIZON IGNITED (Finland) melodic death metal, metalcore:
Johannes Mäkinen and Vili Vottonen founded the band Horizon Ignited in 2017. Their debut album "After The Storm" was released in 2019. The bosses of Nuclear Blast saw potential in the band and offered the Finns a contract, and such an offer the young metallers could not refuse. In July 2022, we will get to know the first fruit of Horizon Ignited's collaboration, an album entitled "Towards The Dying Lands," which is heralded by the title composition and the number "Reveries.

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