Natalia Przybysz - TAM

Natalia Przybysz - TAM

Natalia Przybysz - TAM

199 DAYS


19:00 - doors
20:30 - Natalia Przybysz

B90, ul. Elektryków, Gdańsk
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Natalia Przybysz

Natalia Przybysz is a well-known Polish singer, composer and songwriter. She started her career in the band Sistars together with her sister Paulina - together they released albums "Sisters' Strength" and "A.E.I.O.U." In 2006 Natalia decided to go solo in music - she flew to London, and upon her return released her first album "Maupka Comes Home," recorded in collaboration with a producer nicknamed Envee. In 2010, her second CD, nominated for the 2011 Fryderyk Award in the category "Hip-hop / R&B / reggae album of the year" - "Gram duszy" - was released. The artist's latest album, "Zaczynam się od miłości," premiered in 2022 and features seven previously unsung Kora lyrics with music composed and performed by Natalia Przybysz and her band.


Currently, the singer is embarking on a tour to accompany the release of her upcoming album "There," which contains a kind of record of the singer's journey. The first single to appear on the album is "For Cold Water." The song is treated as the opening chapter of Natalia's travel diary, recounting a special trip by the entire band to the Greek island of Hydra for a home studio, where they recorded new material for several weeks.


"I once heard a story about the healing effect of a song - removing suffering. And that's what we decided to create, too. About the need for wanderlust, dreams and friendship." - Natalia Przybysz.

Maupka Comes Home (oraz Envee), 2008
Gram duszy, 2010
Kozmic Blues: Tribute to Janis Joplin , 2013
Prąd, 2014
Światło nocne, 2017
Jak malować ogień, 2019
MTV Unplugged, 2021
Zaczynam się od miłości, 2022
Tam, 2023
„Niebieski”, 2013
„Move Over”, 2013
„Maybe”, 2013
„Miód”, 2014
„Nazywam się niebo”, 2014
„Prąd”, 2015
„Nie będę twoją laleczką”, 2015
„Królowa śniegu”, 2015
„Burning Down the House” (oraz Paulina Przybysz), 2015
Voo Voo – „To co zostanie” (gościnnie: Natalia Przybysz), 2016
„Przez sen”, 2016
„Światło nocne”, 2017
„Świat wewnętrzny”, 2017
„S.O.S.”, 2017
„Dzieci malarzy”, 2017
„Czarny”, 2018
„Ciepły wiatr”, 2019
„Ogień”, 2019
„Kochamy się źle”, 2020
„Że jestem”, 2020
„Ciepły wiatr” (gościnnie: Skubas), 2021
„Królowa śniegu” (gościnnie: Hania Rani), 2021
„Sto lat” (gościnnie: Ralph Kaminski), 2021
„Manifest Kory 27.11.2012”, 2021
„Oko cyklonu”, 2021
„Zew”, 2022
„Jest miłość”, 2022
„Za zimną wodę”, 2023
„Do zobaczenia do jutra”, 202

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