Lindsey Stirling / Opera Leśna, Sopot

Lindsey Stirling / Opera Leśna, Sopot

Lindsey Stirling / Opera Leśna, Sopot

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Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling knows very well that the only limit of an outstanding artist is the limit of his own imagination, so Americana climbs as high as she can and recognizes no taboo. It's flashy, it has a brilliantly conceived artwork, but its most important component remains a horizon as wide along and across as any US state. It is her lack of any creative compromises that has helped her climb to the top of popularity, because the Los Angeles-based violinist does what she wants. She combines contemporary classical music with pop, dubstep with penetratingly cool folk, subtle melodies with acidic electro - and it all sounds cohesive, without a shadow of uncertainty or chaos. She already released her debut CD eleven years ago, but she's still just as confident, and that's where the main reason for her success should be seen.

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