Tomek Lipiński & Tilt

Tomek Lipiński & Tilt

Tomek Lipiński & Tilt


TILT was formed by Tomek Lipiński in Warsaw in 1979. It is one of the most prominent bands of the Polish alternative rock scene. The band featured several line-ups and underwent various musical metamorphoses, but it has been always led by Tomek Lipiński, who has been considered as one of the best Polish songwriters. TILT`s music activity has often overlapped with activity of Brygada Kryzys – the legendary band founded by Tomek Lipiński and Robert Brylewski.

The TILT`s first recording was a single that included songs such as ‘Runął już ostatni mur’, ‘O, jaki dziwny, dziwny, dziwny’, ‘Każdy się boi swoich paranoi’ released in 1983. The single got enthusiastic reception from audiences, and songs have been still performed during the band`s gigs up till now.

The band released their first self-titled debut album in 1988. The LP ‘TILT’ was widely acknowledged and enjoyed great popularity. The album presented slightly softer nature of the band and was quite a surprise for their fervent punk fans. Their further experiences showed that TILT has never restricted itself to one particular music genre but has followed its own artistic path, which has been blazed by Tomek Lipiński. In the course of time, it turned out that artistic independence, frankness, resistance to music fads let the band endure the test of time. The album ‘Tilt’ also featured real smash hits, which have been broadcast as evergreen songs – ‘Rzeka miłości, morze radości, ocean szczęścia’ or ‘Mówię ci, że’ (featuring Kayah on vocals) - by numerous radio stations.

The second TILT`s album – Czad Komando Tilt – was released in 1990. The album included another hits such as ‘Jeszcze będzie przepięknie’, ‘Nie wierzę politykom’, and ‘Gdzie te serca’.

fot. Bartek Muracki

In 1996, the band under the name of TILT 2000 delivered an acoustic session at the Buffo Theatre. The performance was broadcast by public radio and TV stations. The session was recorded on the album ‘Rzeka miłości – concert w Buffo 96’. The album included the biggest hits of TILT, Brygada Kryzys`s evergreen song ‘To co czujesz to co wiesz’, and solo compositions of Tomek Lipiński – e.g. ‘Nie pytaj mnie’, which featured in the popular film ‘Psy 2’. That recording didn`t include any new songs, but its unique atmosphere and acoustic arrangements of songs, recorded at various times throughout Tomek Lipiński`s career, added new splendour to old compositions.

The fourth album, ‘Emocjonalny Terror’, was released in 2002. Among the others, the recording included songs such as ‘Miasto fcionga’, ‘Westchnienie’ and ‘Ostatnia piosenka o miłości’ that were used in the film ‘Reich’.

In 2010, the TILT`s DVD edition was released as a part of a series ‘Najmniejszy concert świata’. Apart from the TILT`s renowned hits, the recording also included ‘Centrala’ by Brygada Kryzys and two new compositions.

Currently, the band perform as Tomek Lipiński & TILT. In their repertoire there are about 30 TILT`s songs, some Brygada Kryzys`s songs and solo compositions by Tomek Lipiński. At their gigs, audiences might listen to TILT`s biggest hits like ‘Mówię ci, że’, Rzeka miłości…’, ‘Runął już ostatni mur’, ‘Jeszcze będzie przepięknie…’, songs featuring in films ‘Psy 2’, Słodko gorzki’, ‘Reich’, and compositions of Brygada Kryzys.

Since the beginning of 2013, the band started over their stage activity performing at clubs and open-air events. Musicians also work on the new studio album – the first one for 11 years. The new production is due to release in 2014.

Current line-up of Tomek Lipiński & TILT Tomek Lipiński – guitar, vocals Karol Ludew – drums (Semantik Punk) Piotr Leniewicz – bass guitar (Semantik Punk) Wojciech Konikiewicz – keyboards Aleksander Korecki – saxophone, flute

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