The story of Riverside began in Piotr Kozieradzki's car while he was travelling with Piotr Grudziński. An idea was born in their heads to play neoprogressive music. This idea later materialized in the form of a new band – Riverside. At that time, Grudziński was playing the guitar in a metal outfit Unnamed, while Kozieradzki was playing drums in death metal bands Hate and Domain. To the surprise of Grudziński, "Clutching at Straws", a song by a neoprogressive group Marillion, was being played through Mittloff's car speakers. It turned out that they were both interested in progressive music and would both like to have a try in this genre. A suggestion to meet at a rehearsal was put forward and it came off some months later, in late 2001.

Another person that took part in that rehearsal was Jacek Melnicki – a keyboard player that owned his own recording studio. That first jam session was allegedly not too inspiring but the second one changed everything. Melnicki brought in a new musician – bass player Mariusz Duda. From this point, the newly-founded project was a quartet what is even more important, during one of the rehearsals that followed Mariusz revealed his vocal talents. The other musicians liked his vocal improvisations used in then-still-instrumental early musical sketches and Mariusz became simultaneously a singer and a bass player.

Retrospective represents a young generation of the Polish progressive rock bands. Their music is inspired by different artists with a broad spectrum of musical genres. The band is not restricted to a particular music style either. They often serach for different kinds of rock, ranging from art to hard. They are able to create special musical atmoshpere, full of emotions but at the same time surprise their listeners by a hard sound. All those varieties and contrasts make their music outstanding.

XPOSURE is a band formed in 2012 on the initiative of guitarist Filip Wyrwa and drummer Kuba Pałka, who had talked about a joint project for several years. The first rehearsal took place on November 30 during which Filip and Kuba played all sorts of songs by their favourite bands and shared ideas for their own compositions. They only had to find the missing musicians: a bassist and a vocalist - a seemingly simple task that ultimately took them almost five months.

The band in the original lineup recorded the first song (Listen) on their fourth rehearsal and applied for the Hard Rock Rising 2013 competition. Even though they did not qualified for the 2nd stage of the competition, they managed to rank just behind the eight top bands, which was quite a good result for a debut band.

The lineup of Xposure established in May 2013 and the band started to work on their original songs:

Agnieszka Mazurek – vocals Filip Wyrwa – guitars Filip Kuźmiński – bass Kuba Pałka – drums

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Fundusz Przeciwdziałania COVID-19

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