Blood Mantra Tour

Blood Mantra Tour

Blood Mantra Tour

Tickets: 35 PLN / 45 PLN (day of the show):

Tickets available online on and: * SPATiF (Sopot, ul. Boh. Monte Cassino 54) * Cafe Absinthe (Gdańsk, ul. Św. Ducha 2 /Teatr Wybrzeże/) * Stacja DeLuxe (Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, ul. Grunwaldzka 22) * Śródmieście (Gdynia, ul. Mściwoja 9) * at the day of the show in B90 (ul. Elektryków, GDAŃSK STOCZNIA)

FREE TICKETS via if you order:

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Decapitated - Death Metal (Krosno)

Decapited is one of the most recognized Polish death metal bands that is also renowned abroad. The band was formed in 1996 in Krosno by guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka, drummer Witold “Vitek” Kiełtyka and vocalist Wojciech “Sauron” Wąsowicz. A few months later, bassist, Marcin “Martin” Rygiel joined the band. Decpitated released two demos – “Cemeteral Gardens” (1997) and “The Eye of Horus” (1998), which paved the way for first professional contract. A debut album, “Winds of Creation”, was released in 2000 by Earache Records label. It was a widely acclaimed LP, which alongside vivid live performances paid off and resulted in another releases.

The second album, “Nihility”, had been released in the beginning of 2002 and the third album, “The Negation”, came out two years later. Both albums were released by Earache Records label. Also, the band was invited to Ozzfest to perform as a supporting act to Tool, Slayer and Ozzy Osbourne. In 2005, Decapitated made their first European tour as a headliner accompanied by Dies Irae, Hate and Crionics. In 2005, there were some changes to a bands` line-up – Wojciech Wąsowicz left the band to join Masochist, and his place was taken by Adrian “Covan” Kowanek (formerly performed in Atrophia Red Sun).

The reinvigorated band recorded the fourth album – the last one with Earache Records label. The “Organic Hallucinosis” LP was released in the USA, Europe and Japan at the same time. After glowing reviews the band was offered to do several gigs across the United States. A few months later Decapitated performed along with Fear Factory and Suffocation and toured across Australia and New Zealand together with Nile. Also, the band was invited to the summer edition of Summer Slaughter Tour across the USA, where the crew performed along with Necrophagist.

That successfully developing career was curbed in 2007, when a car accident happened. As a result of that accident Witold Kiełtyka died and new vocalist, Adrian Kowanek, was seriously injured. In 2009, guitarist, Wacław Kiełtyka, re-established the band. He asked bassist, Filip Hałucha, vocalist, Rafał Piotrowski and the Austrian drummer, Kerim Lechner, to collaborate.

In 2010, the renewed band had an opportunity to see how the new line-up was working together. Numerous gigs including tours in England and Australia or performances throughout the largest summer European festivals resulted in another album, “Carnival is Forever”, released in 2011. The album hit the 17th place on the Billboard Top Heatseekers in the USA and was voted the 3rd in a poll “the Best Polish Heavy Metal Album” held by the Machina magazine. After making another changes to the bands` line-up, Decapitated promoted its album on a tour across Europe and the USA alongside Meshuggah and Lamb of God as well as the most significant festivals all over the world.

A premiere of a new album, “Blood Mantra”, is due in 2014 as announced by Nuclear Blast / Mystic

THY DISEASE - Industrial Groove Metal (Kraków)

The band was formed in Cracow in 1999. Its founding father was Dariusz Styczeń “Yanuary”. The band combine modern groove and death metal with industrial music permeated with electronic sound. In 1999, their first demo, “Art of Decadence”, was recorded in the Yaro Home Studio. A debut album, “Devilish Act of Creation”, was released the same year – the album was recognized by the Metal Hammer readers as the best debut of the year.

At the turn of 2003 / 2004, the band recorded the third album – “Neurotic World of Guilt”. The album was widely acclaimed by both critics and fans, it was also the last LP with Metal Mind Records label. In 2006, the band signed with Empire Records label and released the fourth album – “Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses)”. It was a real breakthrough in history of Thy Disease – there were 5 thousand copies sold.

In 2009, Thy Disease signed with Mystic Production label – a contract said the band was supposed to record three albums with them. The fifth album, “Anshur-Za”, was released the same year.

Throughout years the band performed onstage umpteen times touring and doing gigs on numerous festivals in Poland and abroad including Metal Heads Mission, Hard Rock Laager, Metalmania, Metal Crowd and many others. This year, after making many changes to a line-up, Thy Disease released the sixth album, “Costumes of Technocracy”, with Mystic Production. The album was preceded with two promotional singles – “Slave State” and “Holographic Reality”.

MATERIA - Djent/ Metal (Szczecinek)

Materia was formed in 2007 in Szczecinek. At first, the band was performing as a trio: Michał “Mihu” Piesiak (vocals, bass guitar), Kuba “Marcia” Marciniak (drums). In 2010, a friend of long-standing, Adrian “Adi” Dubiński (guitar), joined the band.

Materia was performing across Poland intensely, which gave them a dazzling success at various festivals including the most prominent ones – Woodstock Festival Poland and Jarocin Festival. Music of the band features heavy, modern metal combined with progressive inclinations and numerous references to the classic genre.

Apart from an album, “Case of Noise”, the band recorded at their own expense a demo “Vandals” (2009) and EP “Holidays On the Angels Island” (2011). Thanks to Facebook and its users Materia make it to the semi-final of the “Must Be the Music”. Eventually, the band as the most aggressive one reached a final of the fifth edition of that programme.

In 2013, Materia released “Case of Noise” album at their own expense. A music video to “Give Me Some Free” song was to promote the album.

The band performed as a supporting act to such top notches as Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax and Dog Eat Dog. They also performed at Sonisphere Festival, the 30th jubilee of Jarocin Festival, Woodstock Festival in Poland 2011, Rock Nocą Festival and the Polish edition of the Metalfest.

THE SIXPOUNDER - Modern Metal (Wrocław)

The Sixpounder was formed in Wroclaw in 2008. Their founding fathers were guitarist Paweł Ostrowski and vocalist Filip Sałapa.

Fans usually describe style and sound of the band as “rock`n’roll spirit combined with metal eerie”. Nonetheless, their music can`t be pigeonholed to any determined genre. Instead, they attach a lot of weight to live performances, which are supposed to transmit as much energy as possible.

Musicians were recognized at many rock festivals including a victory in the Polish edition of Wacken Metal Battle, what let them perform at the most prominent metal festival in 2010 - Wacken Open Air. The vocalist of Materia featured in the Voice of Poland programme, during which he performed in Nergal`s team.

The Sixpounder`s works include an album “Going to Hell? Permission Granted” released in 2012 and the self-titled album “the Sixpounder” released this year.

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