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28 MARCH 2015 - ARCHIVE /UK/

An album ‘Restriction’ is result of a concerted effort of two Archive leaders, Darius Keeler and Dan Griffiths, and four vocalists – Dave Penn (with Archive since 2004), Pollard Berrier (collaborates with Archive since 2006), Maria Quintile (also since 2006) and Holly Martin (she debuted on 2012 album). Keeler emphasized that those four musicians were not only guest vocalists, but also they profoundly contributed to the new album. ‘Restriction’ composes 57minutes of new sound. Songs, recorded on the album, were composed while Archive was promoting its project ‘Axiom’ – a special film-music event, which had a screening, among the others, on the renowned Sundance festival.

Archives`s music falls outside any definition, as it is a fresh blend of guitar and electronic music alongside analogue synthesizers. The band was formed by Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths, artists previously associated with the Genaside project, in 1994 in London. Next, a vocalist, Roy Arab, and MC Rosko John joined up the band, and that fully-fledged crew released their debut album ‘Londinium’ in 1996. At first, Archive was seen as the trip-hop band, but in the course of time the musicians started to refer to neo-progressive rock, however without any uprooting. On their second album ‘Take My Head’, which was a blend of pop and trip-hop, a vocalist, Suzanne Wooder, made her appearance. Another three albums – ‘You all look the same to me’, ‘Noise’ and ‘Unplugged’ – featuring a vocalist, Craig Walker, made the band enjoy an upsurge of popularity in Europe. A song ‘Again’ from the ‘You all look the same to me’ album (2002) was the Polish Radio III chart topper over many weeks. What`s more, on the Radio III list of top songs ever that smash hit came in seventh separating two Pink Floyd songs.

In October 2003, Archive released a soundtrack to the French film ‘Michel Vaillant’, and in May 2006 there was released the ‘Lights’ album, on which two new vocalists, Dave Penn and Pollard Berriere, turned out for the first time. A performance at a French concert hall ‘Zenith’ before a live audience of 6 thousand people was an outstanding event in the band`s history. In 2007, recording of the gig was released as the ‘Live at the Zenith’ album. In 2009, another album ‘Controling Crowds’ was released, and 7 months later its continuation – ‘Controlling Crowds – Part IV’ turned up. In 2012, Archive were back with the new album ‘With us until You`re dead’. And current ‘Restriction’ is another stage in their extensive discography.

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