Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth

18:30 gates opening 19:00 Sinful Carrion 19:50 Hypnos 21:00 Amon Amarth


Amon Amarth is a band that has drummed up support of masses of fans and has reached the top of Metal music after 20-year-long successful career. Their tuneful Death Metal music, based on Norse mythology, won wide recognition across generations and that, in turn, resulted in appearances on the biggest festival stages, thousands of sold records and high position in music recording sales certification.

In the immediate future the band along with Enslaved are going to tour across the States and Australia. After the tour Swedes are going to overwhelm European stages in April.

The band is going to promote their latest album ‘Deceiver of the Gods’, which established Amon Amarth`s first rank in the pantheon of Death Metal crews.

HYPNOS is a Czech death metal band formed in 1999 by ex-members of Krabathor bass guitarist and singer Bronislav "Bruno" Kovařík and drummer Peter "Pegas" Hlaváč.

Sinful Carrion was born in torment on the October 2007, upon the ruins of black metal band called Naimes. Miecznik and contemporary drummer Arkadiusz Lewandowski decided to form slightly new metal creature, linking black metal techniques of harmonics and uncompromising death metal brutality with complemented concept of the Humanism. After verifying the ego and characters of the individual members, at the beginning of 2008, band formed first stable line up and official name - Sinful Carrion. First band line up was formed consisted of the following musicians: Miecznik (voc); Bartosz Nosewicz (guit); Bartosz Kołodziejczyk (bass); Arkadiusz "Simply" Lewandowski (drums). Sinful Carrion started composing them own first material.

2009-2010 The first half-year of 2009 passed under the sign of hard work. Many hours of monotonous rehearsals, consuming vocal cords, guitar strings, drumheads and drumsticks. In July 2009 LOKI (guitar) joined the band and include the function of lead guitarist. Material is finally arrangement and ready to record. On the 10 of October 2009, Sinful Carrion starting the first recording session of the EP album called "Arising From A Shallow Grave". Recording, mix and mastering took place in the Sounds Great Promotion studio located in Gdynia. For the session needs, bass lines was recorded by session musician- Paweł "Jayson" Dąbrowski which was accepted as rightful band member afterwards. Fall of year 2009 brings another change in band line-up. Place of Arkadiusz "Simply" Lewandowski was occupied by new drummer Paweł "Harry" Labuda. With two new members, band started preparation for the first live performances and releases of EP album "Arising From but Shallow Grave". Year 2010 is mostly promotional gigs. First live performance took place on January 2010 in Gdynia - and fill the whole ROCKZ music club. After very enthusiastic admission of the minialbum, band was invited for touring with Sceptic, Abused Majesty and Deathbringer (BLR) in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. SC had the opportunity to support black metal icon -Marduk in Minsk (BLR). Freshly released minialbum is getting good reviews in the press, internet and listeners. In the meantime sketches for the first new songs are being composed.

2011-2012 Band is consistently composing new pieces as well as playing another gigs promoting songs from EP and newly written stuff. This course of events is happening up to July 2011 where the absolute revolution is happening in the band line-up. Due to personal reasons, Jayson decided to left the band. Few weeks later, contemporary material composer - Bartosz Nosewicz and drummer Harry, also decided to quit. In this situation Sinful Carrion is forced to postpone plans of recording the full length album as well as live performance activities. Six month break forces the process of building the band from the very beginning. This state of affairs continues up to the fall of year 2011.

2013 till now Starting with the new rehearsal room, Miecznik and Loki are building the new Sinful Carrion from scratch. Finally, three new members joined the band, raising the level of music. Bassist - Konrad Piątkowski (ex-Hold Back The Day), drummer Stanisław 'Azghal' Stępień (Empire, ex-Kriegsesin) and Grzegorz Globke (ex-Aurora Aurora). The one last is establishing the current, line-up of the band.

New Sinful Carrion spent last 8 months practicing and composing new songs to finally give a first concert on July 2012, after almost full year break. Autumn and Winter 2012 is above all process of preparation for a recording session of the the upcoming full length LP album and live performances. New album will be released at the fall of Spring 2013.

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